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Bioinformatics & Special Services

Going beyond standard services

Our comprehensive service portfolio for NGS applications is complemented by various additional features, like superior bioinformatics or long-term expertise in DNA preparation from complex samples.


Bioinformatic Solutions »

Stop investing hours into the data processing of your NGS project. Our bioinformatics solutions output your data in an optimum format that can be directly used for further analysis or scientific publications. Using the latest tools and software, our bioinformatics team can assemble any size of genome, perform mappings or detail BLAST analysis. Order your project with our bioinformatics and get more than just standard results.


Library Service »

With more than 6 years of experience in NGS, we're the experts for genomic and cDNA libraries. Use your sequencing instrument and our expertise in library preparation to make your sequencing project a success.


Sample Preparation »

Eurofins Genomics has built up the DNA Campus in the Eurofins network. Here we combine expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis, DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, applied genetics, agrogenomics, forensics, sample preparation of difficult samples and much more. Carry out your NGS project with us and we can offer you the highest standards from sample preparation to final results.


NGS Favorites »

Many years of experience with next generation sequencing at Eurofins Genomics enabled the creation of standard packages for a variety of next generation sequencing applications. Our Favourites are optimised packages for common NGS applications that evolved from the vast array of custom projects Eurofins Genomics has completed.