Standard PCR Analysis Services

What genotype has your phenotype?

Fast and simple service to determine the functionality of your genetic modification in animals, plants or microorganisms.

Beside genotyping based on SNPs, microsatellites, etc., we offer additional qualitative genotyping services based on standard PCR and agarose gels and/or on endpoint real-time PCR.

We can support you with your GMO experiments, e.g.

  • preparation of knock-out mice
  • gene insertion in bacteria for gaining new functions
  • gene insertion in plants for higher yields or functional food purposes
  • and a lot of more possibilities

Our service includes:

  • DNA extraction from blood, tissue, etc.
  • PCR assay set-up
  • Routine analysis by PCR and agarose gel and/or endpoint real-time PCR
  • Data analysis ('allele calling') according to reference samples

We are able to set-up any PCR assays for any respective gene if the insertion or deletion region is known.

If you need more information or need an individual quote, just contact us!