Sequencing Based Genotyping

Empowered by NGS: from single markers to whole genome genotyping

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RAD (Restriction site associated DNA marker) genotyping

This technology allows you to discover and screen thousands of SNPs and genotype large populations, even without a reference sequence.

Genome sequencing

  • De-novo sequencing of the organism of interest allows you to get basic genome information and a reference genome for mutation mapping and as basis for further marker discovery and genotyping.
  • Re-sequencing of further genomes to understand the genomic variation within a species and between populations, varieties and breeds. Delivers already markers in relation to traits and phenotypes.

Transcriptome sequencing

Allows a reduction of the genome complexity and focus on mutation identification in expressed genes with higher chance of direct functional impact.

Sanger sequencing

The gold standard. It is used to genotype single markers and low sample numbers as well as mutations which are technically difficult to access with other methods.

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