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This service is perfectly suited if you need to analyse germline mutations. As germline mutations are responsible for evolutionary processes and heritable diseases, characterising their properties and the mutation rate at which they occur across individuals is of paramount importance for human genetics.

This service is perfectly suited if you look for a service covering germline mutations as well as somatic mutations. A 30x coverage (or multiples) is guaranteed per sample and you can send already one sample


Product Explore Advance
Starting material Various sources (tissues, cells, blood, and FFPE samples)
Input amount 100 ng genomic DNA
Batch size Minimum of four samples Starting with one sample
Sequencing technology Illumina
Target enrichment Latest Agilent SureSelect chemistry
Sequencing coverage Approximately 10M read pairs Guaranteed average on target coverage in multiples of 30x
Delivery time 30 business days 30 business days (12 business days express)
  • Alignment, SNP and InDel tables including annotated variants and effects
  • Results summarised in a comprehensive GATC Data Analysis Report

Applications Analysis of germline mutations Analysis of germline and somatic mutations
Costs + ++