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INVIEW Resequencing

Resequencing of your genome made easy

Genome size and number of samples is all you need to know to order Next Gen based Resequencing of your organism

INVIEW Resequencing is suitable for all genomes up to 180 Mb genome size.


  • Resequencing of whole genomes
  • Identification of genetic variations, single base mutations, insertions and deletions
  • Disease pathway analysis
  • Breeding studies
  • Production strain optimisation
  • Metabolic engineering


Starting Material

Library Type

Starting Material

Illumina Standard genomic library

100 - 500 ng gDNA 
(up to 100 µl, concentration > 1 ng/µl 

200 - 500 ng for DNA from FFPE 
(up to 100 µl, concentration > 2ng/µl)

 Table 1. Available genomic libraries and accepted starting material* for INVIEW Resequencing



Pre-sequencing options

DNA isolation from various starting material including blood, stool, tissue, cell lines, some bacteria


Illumina technology


  • Genomes up to 10 Mb (e.g. Bacteria)
  • Yeast Resequencing (16 Mb)
  • Genomes up to 50 Mb (e.g. Fungi)
  • Genomes up to 90 Mb (e.g. Algae)
  • Genomes up to 140 Mb (e.g. Plants)
  • Genomes up to 180 Mb (e.g. Fruit Fly)

Bioinformatics analysis

  • Detection and annotation of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) and insertions and deletions (InDels)
  • De novo genome assembly

Delivery time

26 working days, for large number of samples upon request.



Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for DNA isolation ordered online.  Please contact us for further information on DNA isolation from material classified as S2.

*For less starting material, please contact us.