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NGSelect DNA

NGSelect DNA

Exceptional flexibility in next-generation sequencing of DNA

NGSelect DNA offers easy access to Illumina or PacBio sequencing technologies in combination with pre-defined modules for pre-sequencing, genomic library preparation and BioIT analysis. The modular set-up shortens delivery times and lowers associated costs. Customers with their own in-house sequencing facility can easily outsource the sequencing workload at peak times for faster data generation with topmost quality. Standardized processes and use of most appropriate methods ensure reliable results and optimal performance.


The applications of NGSelect DNA are nearly limitless, but some of the most common uses of the product include:

  • De novo sequencing of genomes 
  • Bacterial re-sequencing
  • Detection of genomic variants, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions and deletions (InDels)
  • Discovery of potential causative mutations and their effects on a protein level

Highlights of NGSelect DNA

  • Wide range of Illumina data packages or PacBio data packages
  • Shortened delivery times
  • Scalable data output, starting from 5M read packages
  • Individual combinations of pre-defined sequencing modules: DNA sequencing, genomic library preparation, pre-sequencing including DNA isolation, and bioinformatics analysis

Starting Material

Library Type


Starting Material 


Illumina Standard genomic library

100 - 500 ng gDNA 
(up to 100 µl, concentration > 1 ng/µl 

200 - 500 ng for DNA from FFPE 
(up to 100 µl, concentration > 2ng/µl)

PacBio standard genomic library

8 µg DNA (up to 100 µl, concentration > 80 ng/µl

Insert size of the library depends on organism, quality, amount, presence of contaminants

 Table 1. Available genomic libraries and accepted starting material* for NGSelect DNA



Pre-sequencing options

  • DNA isolation from various starting material including blood, stool, tissue, cell lines, some bacteria

Sequencing platforms

  • Illumina
  • PacBio

Data packages

  • Illumina data packages – starting from guaranteed 5M read pairs (10 million reads) per package
  • PacBio data packages – guaranteed 500 Mb raw data per package

Bioinformatics analysis

  • Detection and annotation of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) and insertions and deletions (InDels)
  • De novo genome assembly

Delivery time

  • Starting from three weeks, varies depending on individual requests




Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for DNA isolation ordered online. More information about current classification of biological material can be found here. Please contact us for further information on DNA isolation from material classified as S2.

*For less starting material, please contact us.