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NGSelect Ready-2-Load

NGSelect Ready-2-Load

Convenient Illumina sequencing of ready-to-load libraries (RTL)

NGSelect RTL is designed to achieve maximum speed, cost-efficiency and easy-of-use for customers with ready-to-load libraries (RTLs). Scientists can submit their ready libraries and receive their results within a few business days.  Through multiplexing and pooling of samples the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an Illumina sequencing run is significantly increased.


Ready-to-sequence libraries provide distinct advantages for researchers who are performing Illumina next-generation sequencing frequently:

  • More affordability - cost-effectiveness for power users of NGS, especially through multiplexing options
  • Faster results - significant improvement in data delivery times
  • Decreased variability – from semi-automated processes and optimized use of Illumina flow cells

Highlights NGSelect RTL

  • Results within as little as five business days
  • Wide range of sequencing options: choose from different reads modes, read numbers, and delivery time options
  • Extensive expertise in sample handling: semi-automated processes and optimised use of Illumina flow cells
  • Sequencing workflows with ISO17025 accreditation
  • Sorting by Illumina Index read at no additional costs
  • Accurate determination of library concentration and appropriate sequencing dilution

NGSelect RTL offers extraordinary fast and reliable sequencing of ready-to-load libraries. Benefit from extensive expertise in sample handling, proprietary protocols, as well as professional Bio-IT analysis.

Product details

Accepted starting material

Library Type


Starting Material 


Standard ready-to-load library (compatible with Illumina sequencing and index primer)

Quantity: 300 ng per sample

Concentration: > 10 ng/µl (maximum volume 30 µl)

Dissolved in: RNase-, DNase- and protease-free Tris-HCl buffer (ph 7.5 - 8.0)

Total size (insert size and sequencing adapters):

  • Ideal: 250 bp to 450 bp for 240M and 280M read packages
  • Ideal: 250 bp to 600 bp for 12M and 22M read packages
  • Absolute minimum: 150 bp
  • Absolute maximum: 800 bp



Library types

  • Standard ready-to-load library (compatible with Illumina sequencing and index primer)

Sequencing platforms

  • Illumina

Data packages

  • Illumina data packages ranging from 12 million to 280 million reads

Sequencing mode

  • 50 bp single-read
  • 100 bp single-read
  • 150 bp paired-end
  • 250 bp paired-end
  • 300 bp paired-end

Bioinformatics analysis

  • Data sorting by Illumina Index read (at no additional costs)
  • Merging of overlapping paired-end reads (where applicable)
  • Data sorting according to customer supplied tag


  • FastQ Files (sequences and quality scores)

Delivery time

  • Starting from five business days, but varies according to individual requests