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NGSelect RNA

NGSelect RNA

RNA-seq approach that fits individual needs

NGSelect RNA offers a cost-efficient, rapid and flexible approach to Illumina RNA-seq. The product enables researchers to perform RNA sequencing without any additional services. Alternatively, users can outsource other parts of the sequencing workflow, including RNA isolation, rRNA depletion. Customers can choose from a complete selection of cDNA libraries, including non-strand specific libraries, strand-specific cDNA libraries and polyA libraries. All steps of the sequencing workflow have been carefully optimized by our R&D team and samples are professionally processed by trained specialists. The transcriptome analysis can be simplified if outsourced to our BioIT experts, who deliver ready-for-publication results with fast turnaround times.


The applications of NGSelect RNA cover most uses of transcriptome analysis. Some of the most standard uses of the product include: 

  • Discovery of novel or rare transcripts 
  • Comparison of gene expression levels between different samples
  • Alternative splicing analysis
  • Detection of gene variants, including SNPs and InDels

Highlights NGSelect RNA

  • Access to cDNA sequencing capacity on the leading Illumina platform
  • Choice of different RNA-seq library types, sequencing read modes
  • Applicable to any organism from prokaryotes to eukaryotes
  • Individual combinations of different parts of the sequencing workflow: cDNA sequencing, cDNA library preparation, pre-sequencing, including RNA isolation and rRNA depletion and BioIT transcriptome analysis


NGSelect RNA is a modular RNA-seq approach which offers researchers more options in designing their Illumina RNA sequencing project. With this product, scientists can choose to either perform the cDNA sequencing on the Illumina platform or they can decide to combine the sequencing step with other parts of the sequencing process, including pre-sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Each segment of the sequencing workflow has been carefully optimized to deliver fast, top quality data for comprehensive transcriptome analysis.

Starting material

 Library Type


Starting Material


Strand-specific cDNA library 

Eukaryotes (polyA): 150 ng total RNA (up to 25 µl / optimal concentration 6 - 50 ng/µl (absolute concentration 200 ng/µl))

Eukaryotes & prokaryotes (rRNA depleted / mRNA enriched):

20 ng (up to 15 µl, concentration > 1.4 ng/µl)

Table 1. Available cDNA libraries and accepted starting material* for NGSELECT - RNA



Pre-sequencing options

  • RNA isolation
  • rRNA depletion

Sequencing platforms

  • Illumina

Data packages

  • Illumina data packages of 5 million guaranteed read pairs (10 million reads)

Sequencing mode

  • 50 bp Single-read
  • 150 bp Paired-end

Bioinformatics analysis

Transcriptome analysis (available starting from 2 samples)

  • Identification, quantification and mapping of transcripts
  • Pairwise comparison of samples or groups of samples of gene expression levels and determination of significant fold differences
  • Alternative splicing analysis
  • Detection and annotation of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions and deletions (InDels)

Delivery time

  • Varies according to individual project requirements


*For less starting material, please contact GATC Biotech.

Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for RNA isolation ordered online. More information about current classification of biological material can be found here. Please contact us for further information on DNA isolation from material classified as S2.