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Eurofins Scientific donates €1 million to mark its 30-year anniversary

30 years, 400 laboratories, 30,000 employees and 30 million tests performed every month

Since its foundation in 1987, Eurofins has contributed significantly to the advancement of science in testing for life. Discoveries and advancements have been made by specialists in myriad sectors, ranging from food to pharma and forensics to dioxins testing.

The Eurofins laboratories around the world are helping to improve cancer treatments, fight the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, catch criminals, safeguard the health of bees, ensure our food and water is safe, determine paternity, and beat viruses like Zika.

This year Eurofins celebrates its 30th anniversary of serving and supporting the scientific community. To mark the occasion, Eurofins is donating €1 million to charities all across the globe. Read more about these charities on the next tab.

Innovations from Eurofins Scientific in past years


Tackling Global Antibiotic Resistance

Since the accidental discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928, the world’s reliance on antibiotics has increased dramatically. Yet overuse and misuse across the world has seen antibiotics become ineffective against an increasingly large number of bacteria, and antibiotic resistance is now a globally ticking time bomb. Eurofins is at the forefront of efforts to tackle this crisis.



Testing for Tailored Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a complex and multi-dimensional disease, driven by genetic instability and influenced by a multitude of factors. Each patient is unique, and each tumour ever-changing, yet treatment historically has taken a generalised approach with limited success. Advances by Eurofins are helping researchers to “personalise” cancer treatment and better target care for better outcomes.


Cells (1)

Nurturing Cells to Grow

Solid understanding of cell growth patterns and behaviours is central to the development of effective vaccines and antibodies. An innovative analysis service from Eurofins has enhanced researchers’ access to the data they need to optimise research and production conditions when using cell cultures.


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Innovations from Eurofins Genomics in past years


Meet the Future of DNA Synthesis

Eurofins Genomics started as Operon Biotechnologies, a small start-up in the San Fransico area. Operon was the pioneer in high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis, making synthesized DNA a reality for many scientist. 30 years later, Eurofins Genomics is still developing cutting-edge synthesizer technology to support science. You might say innovation is in our DNA.

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Simpleseq Service As Product

Turning a Service into a Product

The biological testing industry is largely centered around services, not products, due to the highly specific needs of researchers. The tradeoff is time. Highly customized services require more of it. Furthermore, researchers need flexible spending options due to the constraints around grant funding. Eurofins Genomics invented a unique solution to both problems. In 2010, the SimpleSeq kit was born.

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New Lab

Breaking the Speed Barrier

In the publish-or-perish world of research today, scientists are under incredible pressure to move forward quickly. Eurofins Genomics has made several monumental strategic shifts in order to meet this growing demand for faster products and services. These strategic moves culminated when Eurofins Genomics uprooted its headquarters in Huntsville, AL in order to move to Louisville, KY, the logistical hub of UPS in North America.

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Eurofins Donates €1 to Charities

As part of the 30th anniversary celebration, Eurofins will donate €1 million to charities all across the globe. Read more about these charities on the next tab.



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40 charities selected by global workforce

Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the world leader in bioanalytical testing, plans to mark its 30th anniversary by donating €1 million to 40 charities selected by its global workforce. This donation will be in addition to its long- term and ongoing support for several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including UNICEF and Plan International.

The €1 million donation will target charities that work in areas that, like Eurofins’ testing of foods and pharmaceutical products and of the environment, help make the planet a safer and healthier place to live. The recipient charities fall into five categories: better nutrition, protecting ecosystems, improving health, social entrepreneurship and local communities.

In addition to this financial support, many members of Eurofins’ 30,000-strong workforce will pledge time to volunteer, offer pro bono work and organise events to support their chosen good causes. In each country, volunteer committees were actively involved in choosing organisations that are important to their local area and close to their hearts.

Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO of Eurofins, said: “There is no better way for Eurofins to celebrate its 30th anniversary than sharing some of the results of our success with organizations and initiatives that work to preserve our environment, improve the health and safety of all worldwide, and support the less fortunate.”

He went on to say: “I am fortunate to lead a Company that makes every day a positive contribution to health around the world, and to work with so many leaders, entrepreneurs and team members who share the same passion – advancing science and testing technologies towards a better and safer life for all. Beyond the contribution of our everyday work to this inspiring objective, it is pleasing that our commercial success enables us to support non-profit organisations who also work for these causes.”

He pointed out this donation is in addition to the company’s regular annual donations.

Highlighted below is an example from each country/region of the 40 total initiatives supported by Eurofins and its employees that span across all continents:

In the US, Eurofins’ employees picked Water for People, which works across 9 countries to bring safe water and sanitation to 4 million people.

In Europe, Eurofins is proud to back Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) Mini-lab project, which is developing cheap and portable clinical laboratories to support MSF’s doctors conduct epidemic investigations in developing countries. Eurofins will also co-fund and support the Nutri’Zaza project, which seeks to combat chronic child malnutrition in Madagascar by producing and distributing an affordable highly nutritious food supplement.

In Japan, Eurofins will make a donation to Save Fukushima Orphans, which is dedicated to supporting orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Eurofins also operates a radioactivity measurement competence centre there to assist the local community in assessing the impact of radioactivity linked to the Fukushima disaster.

Our employees in the Nordic region selected the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), which will receive a contribution for its work to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea, which is under threat from over fishing, pollutants, micro plastics and eutrophication. Eurofins will also become a partner of the SSNC and share our expertise in analytical testing services to support their environmental work.

In Brazil, Eurofins will donate to Amigos do Bem, an organisation that promotes local development and social inclusion through self-sustaining projects and education efforts.

The additional initiatives supported by Eurofins include:

In Europe, Eurofins will make donations to the Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC), the Foundation Gustave Roussy, to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Mini-Lab project, to UNICEF’s “Clean water saves lives” project, to the German Red Cross’s “Food Security Project”, to the Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V. (DKHV), to the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) award, to Allergy UK, to the British Science Association, to the Special Education School of San Rafael, to the Asociación Niños con trasplante hepático (ANiNATH) and to the Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos, to the EAT Forum, to the Danish organization Walking for Water, to T-Celleforskning, to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), to Barcode for Life, to Bart de Graaff Foundation for their BIKKELS project, to the Dungarvan branch of the Irish Red Cross, to the South East Simon Community and to the National Children’s Hospital in Tallaght.

In the Americas, Eurofins will make donations to Amigos do Bem, to Americares, to the Conservation Fund, to the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County, to the Gift of Life Foundation, to the Water for People charity and to the United Service Organizations (USO).

In the APAC region, Eurofins will make donations to the Save Fukushima Orphans project, to the You Dao Foundation, to the Oasis Green Food Bank, to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of China, to KidsCan New Zealand, to the Tindall Foundation and to OzHarvest.

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