SNP Genotyping

SNPs – source of genetic variation

SNPs are our passion. With our services you can either take a deep look into the genome and search for unknown genotype-phenotype connections or genotype already known variations. No matter what, you always benefit from our fast turnaround times and high quality results.

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) or point mutations are the most common types of genetic variation determining to a major part the phenotype diversity between individuals. Causal point mutations change the amino acid sequence of the encoded protein and hence such SNPs are involved in the characteristics of an individual.

Depending on the analysed species these characteristics can be the resistance or susceptible to a certain disease, the body size or the eye colour in humans, the milk or meat yield in farm animals or the drought resistance and corn yield in crops.

We offer different genotyping technologies depending on the application and species, the purpose of the analysis, the number of SNPs per sample and the number of samples in the study. The choices included the following:

  • For genome-wide SNP genotyping, e.g. population studies, association studies, genomic selection including the analysis of 3k-3000k we recommend and offer Illumina BeadChips, Affymetrix GeneChips or Next Generation Sequencing.
  • For gene-wide SNP genotyping, e.g. fine mapping or haplotyping of candidate regions including the analysis of <500 SNPs we recommed Sequenom MassARRAY, Fluidigm Biomark, NGS or array-based technologies.
  • For the analysis of individual SNPs, e.g. determination of specific mutations in phamacogenetics or diagnostics with a small number of SNPs included, we offer Realtime PCR assays, Sanger Sequencing and the above mentioned technologies.

Additional applications of SNP genotyping can be

  • Parentage and pedigree testing
  • Food traceability
  • Breed discrimination
  • Biomarker determination and validation
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Forensics

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