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Eurofins Genomics is the only sequencing company that provides digital shipping labels to any customer, anywhere, to make the sample submission process as easy as possible. Digital shipping label are free for over 90% of orders, and they can be printed instantly from the order confirmation screen.


  • Instant, online solution for shipping samples.
  • Environmentally friendly solution that requires less material cost and fossil fuels to reach the end customer. Furthermore, we encourage customers reuse boxes found in their lab for shipping, as a way of recycling.
  • Free for a vast majority of orders. As long as the order value meets the minimum threshold amount, the label is provided for free. The minimum threshold is approximately $25, which equates to 3-8 reactions. If the order value falls below the threshold, customers can still purchase the label for a small fee or choose an alternative shipping method. Furthermore, you can always wait a day and combine samples to reach the threshold, or combine shipments with another user to achieve the same goal.


1. Print shipping label and order details from order confirmation page.

Shipping labels will be provided digitally moving forward. You can print the label on the order confirmation page, from your browser. The label is free if the sequencing items exceed $30 USD (equivalent of 3 - 8 reactions depending on options). If not, customers can still print a digital shipping label for a small fee.

Order confirmation page print out includes:

  1. Page 1 is the shipping label. This label is securely taped to the outside of your envelope.
  2. Page 2 is the order details which goes inside your sample bag.
  3. Page 3 contains directions and is for your own personal use when submitting samples.

2. Prepare Samples

More details can be found on the sample submission guidelines page and help page.

View sample submission guidelines


3. Prepare Package

Place your samples and the order confirmation print out inside a ziplock bag or other suitable container. Next, place all materials inside a shipping envelope or box. For environmental reasons, Eurofins Genomics no longer provides UPS shipping envelopes in advance due to the amount of waste.

Options for how to package the samples:

  1. Option 1: customers are encouraged to reuse their own shipping boxes, found in the lab, for the smallest environmental footprint.
  2. Option 2: Order envelopes directly from UPS for free. Directions are on the last tab on this page.
  3. Option 3: Local UPS stores and interior letterboxes typically provide supplies for free, although it varies by location. Look up nearby UPS store.

4. Add Label

Securely attach the shipping label, which was printed from the order confirmation page, to the outside of your envelope or package. Did you forget to print the label or need more help? No problem, please see the FAQ tab for further information.

Directions on how to order UPS envelopes for free are found on the last tab on this page.


5. Drop off

Drop off your envelope or package at any UPS box or location. Look up nearby locations.



The following guidelines help to ensure that your samples arrive in optimal condition.

  • Use a sturdy envelope or rigid box with flaps intact, that is strong enough to hold the contents. That means it shouldn't have tears, rips, bends, or other damage.
  • Make sure to remove any old labels or cross out old markings on the box.
  • Use adequate cushioning material. If possible, wrap items individually and surround them with recyclable or foam loose-fill materials. Content should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box.
  • Securely seal your package using strong tape designed for shipping, such as pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape that's at least 2 in./5.08 cm wide. Do not use string or paper over-wrap
  • Properly label your package, using a single address label that has clear, complete delivery and return information. Secure the label on the outside of the box or envelope and avoid placing it on the seams or tape.


  • Digital shipping labels are not available in Canada due to the differences inherent in international shipping and customs.
  • Digital shipping labels may or may not be available in the quoting system, depending on options. In a small number of cases, this means the quote amount may differ slightly than the order amount, if there is a fee for the digital shipping label.


Directions for Printing a Digital Shipping Label.

1 ) During checkout, look for a box titled "Sequencing Sample Submission Options."

2.) Select the option for **Print Shipping Label** from the Summary page of **Checkout**.

3.) After completing checkout, a digital shipping label will automatically be generated and pop up on the confirmation screen.

4.) Select the print option to print the label.


If you forget to print the label on the confirmation page, you can still retrieve the shipping label from the Order History page. Click the **My Orders** link, expand the order, and click “**print shipping label.**” A prepaid label will be generated.