Oligo Plate Email Guide

Eurofins Genomics has developed a standard ordering format for large volume orders. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this format so we can deliver the best service possible.

Plate Order Template Download  Plate Order Template 

STEP 1: Complete the Eurofins Genomics DNA Order Form for PLATES


  • Shipping Information:  Please provide a complete shipping address, including the name of the person to receive the package. All packages require a signature for delivery.
  • Billing Information:  Please provide a complete billing address.  Eurofins Genomics accepts payment via purchase order number, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and departmental purchasing cards. If providing a purchase order number, please fax a hardcopy of the PO information to customer service.
  • Ordering Guidelines:
    • Scale Options: Indicate 10 nmole, 50 nmole, or AROS scale (microarray)
    • Plate Type: Indicate 96-well deep plate, or 96-well shallow plate
    • Plate Type: Standard (A1–A12) or Vertical (A1–H1)
    • Shipping Format: Indicate whether you would like your oligos to be shipped wet (on dry ice) or dry (lyophilized)
    • Normalization: If Dry: Indicate whether you would like the entire synthesis yield to be shipped (amount of DNA per well will vary from oligo to oligo) or if you would prefer a normalized amount (for example, 10,000 pmole per well) If Wet: Eurofins Genomics’s standard delivery format for oligos diluted and shipped in TE buffer is concentration normalized at [50 µM] with 200 µL per well. Please indicate if you need a non-standard concentration.

STEP 2: Enter Sequence Information


Please provide your sequence information in the appropriate tab on the spread sheet provided. Select either the tab for Sequence Info A1–A12 or Sequence Info A1–H1 Please see the example format detailed below.

Well Position
Oligo Name
Sequence (5' to 3')
Plate Name
Plate 1

The oligo name must be limited to 20 characters, and cannot contain any of the following characters: comma (,), period (.), apostrophe ('), or blank space ( ). 
Standard 96-well plate position must be designated in the spread sheets by rows (A1 to A12) or by columns (A1 through H1) 
Please save your file as an excel document (.xls or .csv) and email it to customer service.