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Unravelling the mysteries of Mother Nature and improving human health through science is exhaustive and ambitious. Combining suppliers will save you critical time and resources which are better used for elevating your research to unforeseen heights.

Speed Synergies

The combined speed of Express Oligos and Overnight Sequencing is unbeatable. Your research is delayed by at least 2-3 extra days every time you order sequencing and oligos separately because it requires two shipments and separate processing. Also, Eurofins Genomics offers later cut-off times and a logistical hub that cannot be matched.

Research Synergies

In the publish-or-perish and patent-or-die world of research, you need one partner who can provide high-quality, scientist-tested support. Besides providing high-quality goods and services, we eliminate ‘wait for primers’ and ‘wait for sequence data’ from your routine experimental protocols so that you can pursue your research goals unfettered. What’s more, the ‘speed’ part of our services is free!

Cost Saving Synergies

Combining suppliers will virtually eliminate most of the shipping cost you normally incur with oligos, because custom sequencing primers require no shipping and even custom oligos only require one shipment instead of two which is required when using another supplier.


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3 Reasons Why Oligos and Sequencing are Better Together

Almost every researcher that uses sequencing also uses oligo primers, and vice-versa. They go together in perfect harmony. You save time and money by ordering both. It makes perfect sense.

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Faster Together
For sequencing customers that do not order oligos, why are you waiting 2-3 days for primers from another company? All of our sequencing primers are express synthesized the same day for faster results. Also, our Express Oligos are the fastest primers on the planet! For oligo customers, you can research and publish faster by leveraging the combined power of Express Oligos and Overnight Sequencing Results. Why wait? Order today.

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Better Together
Our oligos are specifically designed for our sequencing process. Meaning, using our oligos and sequencing together leads to better results. Using a separate supplier for oligos and sequencing may diminish your results.

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Ordered Together
Two suppliers means twice the work, twice the POs, and twice the hassle. You can cut this time in half by ordering sequencing and oligo together at Eurofins Genomics!


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