Oligo Analysis

  Oligo Analysis Tool - Instructions and Information

Oligo Analysis Tool

Use the Eurofins Genomics' Oligo Analysis Tool to evaluate the parameters of the desired oligo before you place the order or simply to explore the properties of an oligo. This multi-functional tool facilitates the theoretical calculation of several oligo sequence dependent properties.

To use the Oligo Analysis tool
1. Select the type of oligo—DNA or RNA—to be analyzed
2. Enter a name for the the oligo (use _, -, and alphanumeric characters)
3. Enter the sequence of the Oligo: use A,C,G, & T for DNA; and (ACGU) for RNA; You can use the IUB code for wobbles
4. Click on any of the tabs to initiate calculations
5. Where required, enter the values required for the analysis
6. Please note that if the oligo meets your experimental requirements, you can order the oligo directly by clicking on the ordering options below.

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